Liz has been my personal life coach for six months.  Interestingly enough, since we live over four hundred miles apart, our professional relationship has consisted of weekly phone conversations rather than face to face meetings.  As a result of these brief yet targeted conversations, Liz has helped me considerably to stay focused on achieving my goals and organizing my time.

There is a magic that comes with checking in weekly with someone with whom you have shared both your fears and aspirations.  Liz has both the power and ability to hone in on these two conflicting parts of me and by so doing has helped me to alleviate stress and continue on life’s journey focused on the goals that I have set for myself,  This exploration has also enabled me to embrace the here and now and those parts of my life that are already giving me great job and satisfaction.  As a result I have been able to discern between the goals that come from within me and those that may be forced on me by societal pressure and pur compulsion to be driven.

What sets Liz apart from many other coaches is that she has the wisdom of years and the determination herself to continue to grow and expand by helping others. This serves to enrich her ability to be both a coach and mentor and to listen and guide with great sensitivity and life experience.

– J.R.

Thanks so much for your support through one of the most difficult periods of my life.  You allowed me to feel at ease and share my personal feelings and life goals with you.  I appreciate the wisdom and tools you imparted to me.  I am a better, stronger person because of you.

– C.S.

Thank you cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I have for your life coaching.  Our seven o’clock telephone meeting each Wednesday gives me a focus for achievement during the week.  Your encouragement and help with goal setting are certainly providing inspiration.  The blood, sweat and tears I willingly put in knowing that I’m working  toward my goals.  I unconditionally endorse the fantastic life coaching you provide.

– B.A.


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