What is Life Coaching?

A life coach supports you as you reach goals and overcome challenges. Life coaches can work with you to move toward accomplishing your goals, solve a problem, break a habit or initiate change.  Trying to shed that excess weight?  Stuck in a relationship that doesn’t feel quite right? Not getting along with your mother? Coaching will help you figure out what is right for you.

Throughout our hectic and oftentimes “conveyor belt-like “ lives we develop a propensity for searching for a “guiding light” that will, we hope, help us see our way clear out of the tunnel of our narrow existence. If we are aware of the need and the possibility that if we shift our position just a bit, we may bring about the change we seek and need to better our lives.

A life coach sees the potential you harbor within yourself.  She listens from a place of support and empathy, entirely clear of her own agenda.  She travels with you on a journey toward growth, change and fulfillment.  She does this not by offering advice or dictating proper action.  She does this not by telling but by asking questions,  the answer of which are within you.

A life coach helps you to know the person you want to be, the person you are capable of becoming.  She helps you find your inner potential and make it a reality.

Coaching is one of the best ways to make changes in our lives.  It is very very hard to do that on your own. As human beings, we tend not to be fully integrated.  Coaching helps us  integrate many aspects of ourselves, which then makes us much more effective. Instead of being run by our reactions coaching helps us create and choose.

Many clients come to coaching because they feel they have too much stress in their lives. Below are some examples of issues I have worked on with clients. (As all of my work with clients is strictly confidential, no names will be  given.)

  • One client had recently moved back to her mother’s home after living independently in another city. It was a difficult adjustment for her but jointly we worked on an action plan to get a job and an apartment so she could once again live independently.
  • Another client had worked as a professional in another community, but was unable to find a job where she now lived.  She had to think of other alternatives. We reviewed what values were important to her and what was her life purpose.  Then we could look at different perspectives for solving her problem.
  • One client had had a successful career but was stuck when he no longer could find a job. When he realized that it was like an adventure to find a place where he could make a contribution and work with interesting people, he made a list of five different interests he felt passionate about.  The next step was choosing the one that most excited him. After that he went on to investigate it. He needed encouragement as well as a step-by-step plan to get into action. I held him accountable to make that next step easier.

All clients need to be more aware of who they really are, so along with solving problems, co-active coaches ask questions that help clients become more self-aware.  Often one’s inner-saboteur gets in the way and prevents people who are stuck from acting.  Becoming aware of the inner-gremlin is an important job for everyone.


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