About Elizabeth

My name is Liz Lehmann and I am a life coach.  I would like to work along with you to point you in the right direction like a flashlight that points the way and keeps you focused on those areas of your life that you want to change.

I have worked with young people all my long life in many different roles in education,  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people learn and grow—blossom forth like daffodils that appear each spring with their lovely yellow blossoms.

My husband and I raised four sons and were lucky enough to see them mature, get a good education, marry and give us fourteen wonderful grandchildren.

Life experiences have taught me compassion and empathy for all human beings.  This along with my year of training and coaching enables me to off you a coach whom you can trust and grow to love.

When I had to give up a job I loved and move to a totally different part of the country, I lost my identity and my life as an active member of my community.  For the next twenty years I volunteered my time in various activities.  How I wish I had known about life coaching.  If I had had someone listen to my deeply felt frustration and dissatisfaction with a life not fully lived, what a gift it would have been.  A life coach would have listened purposefully to what a more fulfilling life would have been for me.  By asking powerful questions a coach would have empowered me to really see what I valued and what my life purpose was.  What was holding me back from reaching my full potential would have become apparent.

Through practicing the correct exercises regularly and being encouraged and  held accountable along the way,  a gymnast reaches her goal of qualifying for the Olympics.  Just as the gymnast’s coach prescribes exercises, so a life coach asks powerful questions so the resourceful, creative you can take an in-depth look at your life and the ability to lead a more fulfilling one.


  • Completion of a year-long intensive program for certification as a life coach from The Coaches Training Institute.
  • BS degree from Skidmore College with a double major in psychology and education.
  • Master’s degree in education from Albany State Teachers College
  • Master’s degree in vocational rehabilitation counseling from Syracuse U.
  • Twenty years of experience as a counselor/teacher/administrator in public and private schools

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